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Boost Your Credit Score with the Guidance of Our Certified Experts


Credit Repair Services in Charlotte NC

We’re a credit repair consultation that provides effective credit repair solutions to clients that are struggling to get loan approvals due to poor credit scores. Our team of certified credit analysts evaluates your credit file in detail and suggests strategies that help repair your credit score.

The purpose of our credit repair services isn’t just to boost your credit score, we are committed to helping you understand how credit works and the steps you can take to maintain a healthy credit score.

With the combination of our expertise and credit restoration techniques, we can get you loan approvals for your home, car, and other large purchases.

We’ve been approached by clients who are weary of our abilities to turn their credit around and we’ve pleasantly surprised them every time!
Master Credit Consultations are certified experts; we know the ins and outs of credit. We don’t shoot in the dark; we take calculated decisions and implement strategies that help pull your credit back up.

As your consultants, we’ll help you achieve your credit goals by sharing our expertise and helping you implement techniques we’ve mastered over the course of many years.

Our Services

We devise customized step-by-step plans to boost your credit profile.

We’ll start off with a free consultation in which your credit file will be assessed by our credit analysis specialists. They’ll take you through the credit file and explain available financing options. They’ll answer any questions you have and make sure you understand everything you need to make informed decisions regarding your credit.

Once you have registered with us, we’ll begin Stage Two; this is where we discuss the different ways we can build and repair your credit. We’ll suggest and implement strategies that are unique to your credit file and credit goals.

Our final objective is to get you the maximum results at the best price.


Credit Analysis

For us to be able to efficiently build and repair credit, our certified credit analysis specialists will carry out an in-depth analysis of your credit. They’ll identify and discuss problematic factors that may have negatively impacted your credit file.

Our team will discuss what you’re doing right and where you need to improve. Go ahead and ask us as many questions as you need to fully understand your credit file and the different factors that determine your credit score.

We’ll give you a thorough breakdown of your costs and the various payment options you can avail.

If you’re a resident of Charleston – SC and require professional assistance fixing your credit, contact Master Credit Consultants today!

Credit Repair & Building

You’re going to need a loan approval to make major purchases; a borrower’s ability to pay off a loan is determined by their credit score. The interest rate and the monthly premiums the lender offers is also based on your credit score. The higher your credit score, the easier it will be to obtain a loan.

Master Credit Consultants target 3 main areas to repair credit. These consist of inquiries, negative items and positive credit. We focus on reducing negative items from your credit file and improving positive credit.

By using a percentage model, we determine what negative factors impacted your credit score the most; once they’ve been identified, we can begin to reduce them.

If you’re a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina and are having a tough time getting a loan, give Maser Credit Consultants a call. With our credit building and repair services, you can get the loans you deserve!

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