Masters Credit Consultants offers various services to meet your credit needs. We use a strategic step by step design that is unique to everyone’s personal credit profile. We begin the process with a free consultation in which we breakdown your credit file, go over pricing, and answer questions. Once an individual has completed the sign-up process we will immediately begin with stage two, the credit repair and rebuilding process. This stage is different for everyone since everyone’s credit profile is not the same as another individual’s. In the end, we want you to have the absolute best results possible for the best price possible. *Results are based upon the package that you choose.

Credit Analysis

Credit analysis is the first step in the process of your credit improvement plan. The analysis is performed by a certified credit analysis specialist. The credit specialist will analyze the factors that are having an impact on your credit score both from a positive and negative perspective. This is done by taking a detailed look at your credit report. During the consultation, these factors are discussed briefly based on the package that you have chosen. At the end of the consultation you can ask any questions concerning your credit profile or give feedback if there were items on your credit that you were not aware of. Once the Q&A is complete the credit analysis specialist will breakdown your cost and any payment options that are available to you.

If you’re located in Duncan, SC and are looking to identify potential credit repair options, our credit repair specialists can help you out!

Credit Repair & Building

Your credit score is a very important part of your life. Presently, companies check your credit for just about any large purchase you want to make, housing and obtaining credit. An individual’s credit score is vital in determining what they are approved for and what interest rates they qualify for. There are three main areas of an individual’s credit that we target to see the quickest and best results for credit improvement. The three focus areas are inquiries, negative items, and positive credit.

The number of inquiries indicates the number of times you have attempted to obtain credit or applied for something that required a credit approval. The negative items are those items that are reported negatively on your report such as collections, delinquencies, and debt. The credit specialist will look at these areas using a special percentage model to see what is impacting your score the most. We will focus on the areas having the most impact on your credit score. The third piece to the credit repair and rebuilding is the rebuilding or obtaining positive credit. This is optional only to those who sign up for the Bronze or VIP Packages. We have designed a specific method and will guide you once your score is in a place for approval and best interest rates. We will also be able to utilize our many resources to help boost your score so that you can obtain your own credit. Credit building is an overlooked yet very important part of the complete process. Even though it is optional, we recommend a package with the credit building so you can reach beyond a 700.

If you’re a Duncan, SC resident with an ailing line of credit, our credit building services are your best option.


Master’s Credit Consultants thrives in delivering you the results that you want to see. Just like the process everyone may experience different types of results. Some results are immediate, while other results may be more timely. The goal is to ensure that your credit is the best it can be when we have completed your file. Our company goal is to have your file complete within 180 days. Some files do require more time than this due to the length and/or items that the individual may have on their report. We as a company know how important your credit is and we want you to be able to use your credit for all your personal needs. We want your credit to work for you and be beneficial to you moving forward.


*Your first month of credit repair is 50% Off
Masters Credit Consultants is veteran owned, and our company is dedicated to helping our Military and Veterans establish good credit, become homeowners, start their own businesses or fulfill whatever dreams/goals they may have.

We utilize creditors and financial institutions that specialize in military lending to ensure you get the level of service you deserve.