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Best Credit Repair Company!!!

Professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable staff who produce RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS if you follow their easy instructions! I would recommend Joseph Wallace and his team to ANYONE a thousand times over!!! I had no idea that first phone call would change my whole life!

Brandon Goldsmith

Excellent Credit Consultants

I started working with Master’s Credit back in January of this year and they work very diligently to help improve your credit score which helps improve your life! They keep you informed every step of the way on what is going on and what you need to do on your end as well!!!! Anytime I email them regarding anything I always receive a response back immediately which shows me that they care!!! Joseph, Rebecca and Tammy has been so helpful in keeping me up to date on everything so a big THANK YOU to all of them!!!! So for anyone needing credit repair that will work with you helping to increase your score these are the people for you!!!

Shoinette Ellison

Better Days

I owe a huge Thank you to, Master’s Credit Consultants!!! I was skeptical at first but the diligence and integrity of this team has given me all the hope and motivation to begin a new way of living. My credit scores are on the rise and that is a great accomplishment, considering where I started from; and in so little time. They have answered every question and coached me without judgement. I’m so glad I siezed the moment to sign up for the credit repair. It was a moment that will enhance my future for even better days to come. Joseph and Rebecca Wallace, Tammy J.Rice….Thank You So Much, and many Blessings to you all!!! Also a big thanks to Dwight Rice, who gladly pointed me in their direction!

Tammy Thomas

Excellent Service

I would like to thank Master Credit VERY MUCH for the work they did for me and my spouse getting our scores up. We was able to get a Infiniti JX35 and we LOVE it. The children love the DVD. It was more than we expected. They did a GREAT job. If you need help with your credit call Master Credit. Ask for Joe & Rebecca.

Lou Lewers


I have had a tremendous experience With Masters Credit Consultants . They have done everything that I expected and more . They are very personable and professional in their dealings with you and your credit concerns. I have had a real good time interacting with Joseph and Tammy . They are very thorough and on time when it comes to letting you know what is going on with every detail with your credit concerns !!! I would recommend Masters Credit Consultants for anyone who wants to have there credit scores elevated, thanks to Joseph and Tammy I can accomplish my goals and I am very excited about my future!!! – Marvin Smith. Sat,8/25/2018

Marvin Wayne Smith


Masters Credit is a god-send. My wife and I are in the market for a SUV. My daughter suggested that we properly prepare for this purchase and told us to call Masters Credit. I’m so glad we did! In the first thirty days my wife has had a 50-point increase in her credit scores and I have had a 60 t0 70-point increase with more than one credit bureau. Joe mapped out a plan and Rebecca is working diligently for us to achieve our goal. I’m excited about the future. – James Lewers

James Lewers

Great service

I have had a wonderful experience with Masters Credit Consultants. They have not only put me in the position to purchase my first vehicle but I am now a new home owner as well! Thanks to Masters Credit Consultants I was also able to qualify for an amazing interest rate. All of my scores are now well above 700 and I am able to utilize my credit as I need to. None of this would have been possible without Masters Credit Consultants being there every step of the way. They have the best one on one customer service experience!! I can not thank them enough for all they have done. I would recommend them to anyone!

Zach P

They keep their word

Since day 1, Masters Credit Consultants have done nothing but fulfill their promises. Although I have completed my payments to them, they continue to work with me on anything I need as they promised they would and I am very appreciative of that and to them.

Sergio Rojas


Masters Credit has been a great experience so far and I am EXCITED to see where myself and my husbands credit will go in the next months to come! If you are nervous or scared give Joseph and Rebecca a call they are awesome people and will see you through!

Jessica Byrd

Highly Recommended

My experience with Masters Credit has been nothing less than amazing!!! They are experts at getting you quick and positive results on your credit scores! I have seen and continue to see positive increases on my credit scores and this has impacted my personal and business life in a such a great way! I would like to take the time out to say thank you Masters Credit!!!! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to put themselves in a better position getting a car, house, business funding, etc…

Jason Thompson


Where do I begin? Masters Credit has been with me every step up the way with restoring my credit. They have become like family. I can contact them, it feels like 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. If you are looking for fast, friendly, and a caring company, Masters Credit will WOW you too.

LaTwon Fowler

Credit Rockstars

I have only been working with these professional humble individuals for 30 days and I have been getting increased and have 12 items deleted already. they really care about you they go above and beyond and do not make you feel like a number. great job.. Thanks Joe and Rebecca you guys are rockstars

Chertin high

Amazing Service

My experience has been awesome!!! I’ve received amazing results in less than 30 days. I would highly recommend anyone to use their service. So excited to continue this journey with them Fantastic Customer Service and Professionalism .

Adeia Brewton

Their word is bond!!

Masters Credit has proven to be more than the typical team of resources whom only shed light on credit related issues and/or ways to work around them! They committed to take me on as a client and to as invested to my credit rehabilitation as I was! The individuals assigned to me have been both blessings and lessons! They kept me on a specific set of instructions (100% legit no cutting corners) as to which I dedicated to myself to following to the best of my conscious and financial ability. I am by no means a wealthy individual but I comply, compromise, and sometimes sacrifice! Trusting and following their guidance just over the period of two months I have had an increase of 100 points. NO EXAGGERATION!! I am so fortunate to have had them help me this far, so I want to encourage any set of eyes that hopefully read this…Trust in Masters Credit and their team of professionals and the results will be beneficial!

Horace J.

Amazing Company

I encourage you if you’re looking for a company that can help you with your credit and help you change your life! Master’s Credit is definitely the company to go to. They will work with you and walk with you every step of the way towards your goals!! Don’t just try it, do it!!!!

Kevin Smith

Just The Beginning!!!

I recently chose MASTERS CREDIT to repair my credit. I had a fraud situation to come up and I instantly thought MASTERS CREDIT can tell me what to do. Even though it may have been outside of their services what I needed done, MASTERS CREDIT stepped in and handled the situation to the fullest.. So professional!! I got a reimbursement from the fraud in no time.. I am so appreciative and HAPPY.. I am confident my credit score is going straight to the top!! Thanks again Masters Credit.

Tawanda Jones

Love these guys

I have been working with Masters Credit Consultants for a couple of months and my credit has improved and we are now in the process of buying a home. This is a one stop shop and the process has been smooth. I love working with this company!

Shanice Bruner

Well Done!!!

At the beginning I was in doubt, but then two months after I started in the program I was no longer because I started to see the results on my credit score. I would definitely recommend Masters Credit Consultants. The worst that can happen is to finish with a score of 700+. Joe and his staff guide you from start to finish, all you have to do is follow his advice…

Sergio Rojas

Just Amazing

I haven’t been with Masters Credit long, but since I have been with them my credit has went up. I have a lot of plans and I am on my way to see these plans come to life thanks to Masters Credit. Credit won’t stop me anymore. The staff is very dedicated to their customers. They are just amazing.

Hattie Morton

Greer, SC

My family and I couldn’t have made a better decision allowing master credit consultants to work on our credit. We saw results within the first 2 months. If you’re in hopes of bettering your credit. Speak with master credit consultants. You will not regret it.

Chris R

Nothing but the Truth

I talked to Mr. Wallace about my credit issues and what some of my goals were for progress. He assured me that he would be able to help me increase my credit score in preparation to begin my investments, as long as I followed the plan that is laid out for me pending evaluation of my credit score at that time. True to his word, my credit score was assessed and a plan was put together. Now a few months later, my score has increased approximately 100 points and rising. He was true to his word and I personally plan to continue to allow Master Credit Consultants to assist me in my future endeavors.

Harold F. Callum

The Full Package

Masters Credit is the full package! They listened to the goals I wanted for me and my family and we were able to accomplish those goals! I’m very pleased with the results! Not just my credit but members of my family also have a stronger credit file! I’m looking forward to our future business interactions as this is just the beginning! Thank you, Masters Credit staff!!!

Jen R.

Awesome review, Asia A.

Masters Credit staff have done a great job with my credit! I went up 100 points within two months!! I was unsure about taking this step but I am happy I made the desicion and looking forward to being in the 700 club soon! Thank you

Asia Adams

Abundantly Helpful – Zachary Pitts

Masters credit is doing a fantastic job. Within a few months my credit was high enough to get a new car at a low interest rate. They have put me on track for success.

Zachary P.

Miracle Workers; Leisha J Collier

Thank you so much to masters credit for assisting me with credit repair. My score has jumped 100 points in 30 days. They also took the time to assist me with getting a brand new 2017 car. They even helped me to negotiate the deal.

Leisha J Collier

Nate B. Greenville, SC. Literally the best service

I wanted to say Thank You to Masters Credit. Not only did they start working on my credit but they guided me through the steps of getting a new vehicle. They took the time to even speak with the Sales Manager to make sure I was getting a good deal. I can’t think of even other company in their field of work that would do that. Thank you so much,

Nate B. Greenville, SC

Danielle B. – Life changing

I tried for over a year to fix my credit on my own. In 15 months I went up 47 points. I decided to give masters credit a chance and in 4 months I was over a 750 credit score. I wish I had done this years ago. Amazing people delivering amazing results.

Danielle Batson

Absolutely amazing

If you are even thinking about credit repair or just bettering your financial situation, these are the people to talk to. I was incredibly iffy on the whole situation but my New Years resolution was to lower my monthly payments and work on my credit. My credit was beyond poor and so was my wife’s. Medical bills not paid, student loans, personal loans, and other items that had gone to collection. Today is April 15th and we just put an offer in on the home of our dreams and was approved for pretty much whatever we wanted. I never do things like this on Facebook but this is not a company that wants to fix your credit. This is a family that truly cares about you, cares about your family, and cares about your dreams and will do whatever it takes to get you there. If you have any questions reach out to them, reach out to me. I will show you our score changes. I’ll show you our accounts. I’ll show you our offer letter. There’s nothing to hide. It’s your life, your future is worth the investment.

Tyler Batson

K.Greene. Newnan, Ga

Hello- just wanted to thank Masters Credit Consultants on a job well done. Since the beginning of working with them my credit score has increased over 100 points in less than 90 days. The staff is always courteous and responsive and I would recommend them confidently. Thanks again!

Keon Greene

Tobi O. , Columbia, SC

Hey Guys, I just wanted to shoot you an email this morning and let you know that I just pulled a new copy of my credit report. We did it! It feels great to be back up into the 700’s. As you know I went through a lot after my company shut down and all those issues started to pile up on my credit. But that’s a thing of the past, all thanks to you! Thanks again

Jeff S. , Seattle, WA.

I was unsure of how to fix my credit until I found masters credit. I would like to thank the dedicated staff at masters credit as without your hard and relentless work I would not have the credit rating I now have. After just being enrolled in your program for 90 days I was able to purchase my first home.

Jeff S. , Seattle, WA.

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