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How To Remove Wakefield & Associates From Your Credit?

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Wakefield and Associates 
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Have you been hounded by a company called Wakefield & Associates?

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You may owe them money, but don’t worry. As long as the bill has not gone into collections or resulted in legal action against you, there is nothing they can do to hurt your credit score unless it’s still on that account.

The thing with third-party debt collectors like Wakefield and Associates is that their only goal – first and foremost – is getting paid back what was borrowed from the original lender (or someone else). So if an old debt hasn’t already fallen off of your credit report because of paying up or taking care of it legally, these people won’t be able to make any changes without being allowed access to this information.

The key to removing Wakefield & Associates from your credit report and boosting your score is by doing it yourself or by hiring an experienced credit consultant such as Masters Credit Consultants. YES, we have removed Wakefield & Associates from thousands of credit reports! But how, you ask? Read on for our in-depth guide on how to deal with their collection attempts and remove them from your credit report!

Get rid of them by removing their collection account from your credit report!

Who are Wakefield and Associates?

Wakefield and Associates is a third-party debt collection agency that has been operating since the 1970s. They are notable for their operations through several different names, even though they have always had headquarters in Aurora!

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to get your free collections evaluation. You could have more than one negative account on your credit report, and you might not even know it!

We’ll help educate you about the removal process so that we can make sure Wakefield & Associates is removed from your report for good – this will likely improve your score 35 points significantly (sometimes much more).

Are Wakefield and Associates A Real Company, Or A Scam?

Wakefield and Associates is a collection agency. Yes, Wakefield and Associates, Inc. is a real company with offices in Aurora, Colorado that specializes in debt collection for financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies.

They’re known for keeping your debt on credit reports, even if you pay them off!

Fortunately, Masters Credit Consultants has helped thousands of clients get collections removed from their reports by negotiating with the agencies or paying just what they owe.

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The average salary of employees at Wakefield ranges from $55-95k annually depending on experience level or position (they have 100 employees). They generate roughly 30 million dollars every year which make them one of the top 50 small businesses to work for by Forbes Magazine 2015!

How Do Wakefield and Associates Appear on your credit report?

Wakefield may appear on your credit report as “wakeassoc“, “wakefield payment solutions“, or other aliases such as wakefieldsolutionsinc@gmail.com

Do you recommend I try to negotiate with Wakefield and Associates?

Should I just pay them off?

Wakefield and Associates just won’t go away.

Haven’t they done enough to you already?

They’ve added your account with them as a collection on your credit report, which means even if you pay it off in full or settle for less than what is owed, the damage will be permanent because of their flagrant disregard for consumer rights. But wait! There’s hope yet: Masters Credit Consultants has successfully disputed collections from Wakefields like these (and companies like this) across America – time and again we find that the accounts are invalidated by our research process.

Will Wakefield and Associates bring a lawsuit against me, sue me, or garnish my wages?

No, not always.

But if they do it’s not good and can be very scary. If you work with Masters Credit Consultants to challenge their debt ensuring accuracy timeliness and validity of reporting you may never have to deal with them ever again call today for help avoiding lawsuits being sued altogether while fixing your credit!

Can Masters Credit Consultants Remove Wakefield and Associates Collection Accounts?

YES. Masters Credit Consultants is an experienced and knowledgeable team of credit dispute experts. They have successfully helped thousands of clients throughout the country remove Wakefield & Associates from their accounts, even if they’ve been trying for years to do it themselves!

Masters Credit Consultants has removed them for thousand’s of people nation-wide who are in need help with this matter. Give Masters Credit Consultants a call today at 1-844-620-8796

Want to try removing Wakefield and Associates yourself? Here’s how:

Here’s some tips you can try yourself to remove Wakefield and Associates from your credit report:

Step 1

Request dept validation

If you’re having a tough time getting your debt removed from credit reports, don’t worry. The first step is to request “debt validation.” This will ensure that the creditor has enough information about it and can verify whether or not they really are owed money by you in order for them to remove the entry on their end. If there’s no response after 14 days of requesting this process, then take note! They may be eager to get rid of these types of debts so it might be best if we contact someone else who could help us dispute any mistakes before they happen too much damage.

When you are dealing with debt collectors, it is easy to lose information in the process. Wakefield and Associates may proceed with collections using false information if they do not receive a request for validation of your account from you. Requesting Debt Validation allows them to verify that their records are accurate before proceeding forward as well as gives you an opportunity to have this particular collection taken off your record based on technical error – all thanks solely because of one simple letter sent!

Step 2

Send a Section 609 letter to Wakefield and Associates

If you are trying to contact a potential creditor, the Section 609 letter is an excellent way of getting started. This type of communication request will demand that they validate your debt and provide proof that it is yours which can be used in court if necessary. However, before proceeding with this formal process there must first be cost-benefit analysis completed as this could end up being more expensive than simply paying them back!

If all goes well then we would recommend using our template for when you need one or else figuring out what exactly needs to go into such a letter on your own through research online from other companies who have previously been faced with similar scenarios. There’s no reason not to use these resources so long as their information remains accurate.

When you send a Section 609 letter, it is important to remember that the other company has 30 days after receiving your request in order to prove that the debt belongs with them. If they are able to provide proof of ownership, then you will need to pay this amount; however if not and they cannot validate their claim on these funds, they must remove all mention of it from your credit report by contacting each one individually.

Step 3

You may be eligible for “pay-for-delete” option – Proceed with caution!

If Wakefield and Associates is able to validate the debt, your next step is to opt for a settlement in the form of a pay-for-delete agreement. These agreements are characterized by one party agreeing with another that if they will delete or withdraw their request for payment from an account, then you’ll agree not pursue litigation.

However, this can be risky because there’s no guarantee that once they receive money from you; Wakefield and Associates won’t turn around asking again! Nonetheless it may be worth trying out since most creditors want at least some sort of return on investment before closing down accounts so early into collections efforts – but how much depends entirely up them as well as what kind of negotiating power we have over them.

No matter how much you end up paying, it is essential that you get Wakefield and Associates to agree to completely delete the account from your credit report. If they change the status of the account to ‘paid’, it will still affect your credit score down the road. They must agree to stop reporting all information associated with this delinquent debt in exchange for payments made at a later date or on demand. Once both parties have come an agreement about repayment terms (whether monthly installments are agreed upon or if unconditional money can be delivered), contact them again via email so they can provide written confirmation of these new arrangements: what has been paid off thus far, when future repayments should take place; as well as any other details.

Step 4

After 30 days follow up with a credit report – Make sure they remove the negative item from your account

Hire a professional credit consultant to remove Wakefield and Associates

Many people are hesitant to hire professionals, but in this situation, it may be the best choice. If Wakefield and Associates is refusing to negotiate a settlement for you, consider working with someone who specializes in credit repair. Credit companies can help you improve your score by helping clean up negative accounts on your report and make sure all communication goes through them instead of going back-and-forth between the two parties like before – so there’s less chance that they’ll throw out any opportunity at negotiating! They’re also experts when it comes to disputing entries or boosting scores if necessary – just ask one about their services today!

Final thoughts

If you are dealing with debt collectors for the first time, there may be a lot to take in. Luckily though, following these steps can get them off your back and out of your credit history: -Always send a letter requesting validation within 30 days-Make sure that all information is accurate before sending any payments or submitting anything else-Document everything!

It’s important to have as much knowledge about creditors like Wakefield and Associates so if you have any further questions, call us today, we’re happy to help!

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