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Repair Your Credit with the Guidance of Certified Consultants


Credit Repair Greensboro NC residents are using to raise their credit score – found here at Masters Credit Consultants

Having a hard time getting a loan for a car or house? Your poor credit score could be to blame!

Master Credit Consultants have a team of certified credit analysis specialists that devise customized repair and restoration plans to improve your credit score so you can get the loans you needs!

There’s no trial and error involved; our team of experts carefully evaluates your file before developing and implementing strategies that improve your credit score.

Our goal isn’t just to get your credit score up to the mark, it’s to help our clients take full control of their credit file and take informed decisions that help them maintain good credit.

Our team is made up of certified experts that understand the ins and outs of personal finance. After a thorough assessment of your credit history, they determine the best way forward.

Since our inception, we’ve explored and mastered all kinds of effective techniques that can be used to boost your credit score.

Our Services

Our process is simple; we’ve developed a step-by-step plan that can help repair your credit profile.

Stage 1 involves a free consultation during which our certified credit analysis specialists will carry out a thorough assessment of your credit file. They’ll take you through all its sections ensuring you understand everything you need to take better decisions regarding your credit in the future.

We’ll then proceed to register you and begin Stage Two where we repair and build your credit. We’ll recommend and implement strategies that are tailored to your credit file.

The end-goal is to get you the greatest results in the least time and the best price!


Credit Analysis Services

You can’t repair your credit without understanding what damaged it in the first place. Our credit analysis specialists conduct a detailed analysis of your credit. They’ll highlight problematic areas that impacted your credit file negatively.

They’ll share valuable insights with you regarding what you’ve been doing right and the steps you can take to build your credit. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to gain a complete understanding of your credit file.

We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the costs and all the payment options you can use.

Credit Repair & Building Services

In order to make major purchases in life, you’ll need loan approvals. Lenders will use your credit score as references to determine your ability to pay off the borrowed amount in the given time. Your credit score will also be used to decide your interest rate and monthly premiums.

We target 3 specific areas to repair and build your credit. These include inquiries, negative items and positive credit. We’ll reduce negative items and grow positive credit.

We’ll use a percentage model to determine the affect of the negative factors that hurt your credit scores the most and begin to eliminate them.

Credit Repair Consultation

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