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Repair Your Credit with the Guidance of Certified Consultants

Jacksonville FL

Credit Repair Jacksonville FL

Credit repair is our business and we’re the industry leaders. We can help you fix your bad history in no time flat!

Credit repair Jacksonville FL

Get the credit repair services in Jacksonville FL that are improving people’s credit and their overall lives.

Are your loan applications being constantly rejected due to poor credit score? Don’t lose hope just yet, use our expert credit repair and restoration services to boost your credit score and get your loan approved.

Master Credit Consultants is a credit repair consultation firm that offers customized credit building repair services to clients who desperately need to fix their credit files.

We don’t do guess work; we use a percentage model to determine exactly which variables h cause the most damage to your credit file. We then address the problem areas in your files using strategies that have proven to be effective.

Simply building your credit isn’t enough; we want our clients to have a good understanding of how credit works and all the factors that can damage your credit score. This way you’re able to maintain a good credit score long after we’re done working together!

We’ve been in businesses for many years now and during this time we’ve studied, implemented and mastered a wide-variety of strategies. We know what works and what doesn’t!

Other credit repair consultants may have failed you but we won’t!

Our Services

We have a straightforward process in which we use a step-by-step plan to repair and build your credit file.

In Stage 1 you will meet with us for a free consultation; our credit analysis specialists will look at your credit file in detail. They’ll take you through the different contents of your credit file and how you can avoid damaging your credit in the future.

Once our team registers you, we’ll begin with Stage Two – the repairing and building of your credit. We’ll assess your credit file and recommend strategies accordingly.

The idea is to help you attain the greatest results, the shortest time possible for a fair price.


Credit Analysis Services

Credit repair can’t happen without a thorough understanding of what went wrong. Our credit analysis specialists will carefully evaluate all aspects of your credit. They’ll identify areas what areas need to be improved.

Our analysts will speak to you regarding the positives and negatives of your credit file. If you have any queries and concerns, let them know. It’s important to us that you understand everything in your credit file and what needs to be done to improve it.

At the end of the session we’ll have a detailed breakdown of associated costs and the various payment options you can use.

Credit Repair & Building Services

Your credit score has a huge impact in your life which is why it’s so important to have and maintain a good credit score that doesn’t prevent you from obtaining loans when you need them.

Lenders look at credit scores to determine whether or not they should lend you the money and what interest rates they should offer. If your credit score is poor, they won’t give you the loan.

If you’re a resident of Jacksonville, Florida and desperately need to fix your credit score, get in touch with Master Credit Consultants today!

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