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Our effective Seattle WA Credit Repair services will help you attain your goal, so contact us today!

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We Can Help Improve Your Credit Score – Get Approved for a Loan!

Our Seattle WA credit repair services will improve your score and help you build a healthy, positive history of financial responsibility. Our team is here to support you every step of the way so that we can get rid of inaccurate information on your credit report while building up good things like previous timely payments for bills or mortgages.

Are you in need of a Seattle credit repair service that will increase your credit score within 60 days? If so, look no further than Masters Credit Consultants! We’ve been helping residents improve their scores for over 23 years. Don’t delay repairing your score any longer- it won’t get better on its own!

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#1 Credit Repair Services in Seattle WA

Seattle, WA Credit Repair by Masters Credit Consultants is proud to be a well-known credit repair business in and around Seattle. It has helped us uphold our great reputation by joining forces with some of the highest-rated professional financial advisors for helping clients get their credit fixed. We work hard so that you can have your best turnaround possible by boosting your score up higher than ever before!

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We’re Credit Repair Experts

Individuals who are looking to rebuild their credit may find it helpful that Seattle Washington Credit Repair has a dedicated team of professional lenders and mortgage experts. This business provides clients with the tools they need for maintaining good credit while pursuing dreams.
In order to establish good records of credit, individuals should give us a call as we explain all pre-requisites needed in detail such as how this company repairs someone’s bad record through repairing one’s financial history by removing negative items from your report or placing them where you have more control over what is being reported about you on these reports which can help improve an individual’s score making it easier when applying for new loans so don’t hesitate!

First Step – Get a Free Credit Repair Analysis

Here at Seattle WA Credit Repair is anxious to discuss in more detail what it is that creditors hope you never know. While helping to rebuild your credit, you will be introduced to your available options for getting rid of the bad credit.

At Seattle WA Credit Repair we are excited to discuss in more detail the information that creditors hope you never uncover. As we help rebuild your credit score, you will be introduced to available options for removing negative items from your report.

First, a review of all three major reports (Transunion, Equifax and Experian) is done by our staff so as not to miss any important data about accounts or other issues on file with each bureau–like how long an account has been open or if there were early payments made towards debts before their due date.

In order to understand how your credit score is structured, it’s important to know what comprises a good or bad one. For example:
The factors that make up an outstanding credit report include the following:
– Removal of Collections (i.e., unpaid bills)
– Removal of Late Payments (i.e., missed deadlines for payments)
– Removal of Charge Offs and Bankruptcies from record-keeping agencies such as TransUnion & Experian *(See Notes below*)
– Removals of Repossessions/Foreclosures*
– Removals Judgements

We also repair credit in the surrounding Washington cities: SeattleSpokaneTacomaVancouver, and Bellevue.

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