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You want to have a good credit score, but you don’t know what it is or how to get one?

Fear not! Here are three tips for an excellent rating.
First of all, pay your bills on time and in full each month. Your payment history makes up the bulk of your FICO score so this should be priority number one if you want that perfect 10%. Secondly, avoid maxing out any cards which can negatively impact both utilization rate (amount owed vs available balance) as well as new account activity – these two factors make up about 30% of most scores with accounts being responsible for 15%. Thirdly check those reports regularly; do them every 3 months at least and use Annual Credit Report Request Service through.

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If you’re struggling to get a good credit score, contact the professionals at Credit Repair Virginia Beach. We’ll come out for free and work with you from start to finish. With just one call your problems will be solved!

Credit repair can be overwhelming, and it’s important to know what you’re getting into before making a decision. We’ll pull your credit for free when we conduct our consultation with you at no cost to find out how much work is needed in order to get your score back up where it should be based on the information provided by the 3 major agencies (Experian, Equifax & Transunion).


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Virginia Beach Credit Repair: We’re a Credit Wizard

You know you have great potential for magic when the removal of one factor can drastically change your score. Virginia Beach residents are no exception to this rule as they strive for their best possible scores with our help!

Credit Repair Virginia Beach Services Include: Removal of Collections, Late Payments, Charge-Offs and Bankruptcies. Credit Repair also includes the removal of Judgements with our stronger services such as Foreclosures or Repossessions to restore your credit through Virginia Beach’s top professionals!


With Credit Repair Virginia Beach, repairing your credit score is as easy as following these five steps!

First, you can dispute any negative information on the report that does not belong to you. Next, get an agreement from a creditor to delete inaccurate or unconfirmed data and prevent it from reappearing in future reports. 

You will then want to work with creditors who have positive history of handling disputes professionally by settling amicably rather than through litigation if possible. 

Finally, monitor credit activity such stop card fraud before there’s too much damage done!

Banks are known for giving out loans, but just because they gave you one doesn’t mean your credit history is perfect. If there’s anything that could be considered negative on a person’s record, banks will not give them the loan requested due to their risk of being unable to repay it in full and/or within the set time frame. 

A bad score means too much junk has been put down as an account holder or transactions have gone unpaid-which can lead to legal ramifications if refused by creditors. As such, most people make sure their bank statements always show at least some sort of balance (even if only $0) so no future creditor sees these receipts without thinking twice before issuing more debt than what was originally applied for.

These three big credit bureaus have a lot of power when it comes to determining your eligibility for loans and other financial assistance. Requesting one or all three reports can help you monitor any discrepancies in the data that may be detrimental to your finances.

These are not-so-well known companies with great powers over our money decisions!

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Your credit score impacts your financial life in many ways, and it is not only a measure of how responsible you are with money. For example, if you have bad credit scores due to missed payments or defaults on loans, that might impact whether or not someone will extend financing for an auto loan when they see the high-risk person applying as one who cannot be trusted to repay their debt.

Did you know that your credit score can impact any financial product to a large extent? 

In fact, for loans, mortgages and other transactions in which lending is involved, your credit score will be considered the threshold of whether or not you get funds.

The Top Credit Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how to get the best credit rating. Your credit score is not just determined by your ability to pay, but also factors like time on file and max debt ratio.

Many people fall into this trap: believing that they have plenty of room for mistakes before their hard work will be erased from existence with one bad decision or missed payment. You might think you’re safe if you’ve been making payments on-time every month until someone sends in an offhand comment describing another person’s experience – “I haven’t made any late monthly payments since 2009,” when it turns out she had her account frozen over $2,000 worth of unpaid parking tickets four years ago!

Many people don’t know that your income has no impact on your credit score. 

It’s not about how much money you make but more about the way in which you manage it, and a person who makes only $3,000 monthly can have a better credit rating than someone making $10,000 every month by managing their finances well. This is why repairing one’s own credit on their own is futile; without guidance from an outside source – like what these companies offer for free (the service may be invaluable), they do not know what to do or where to turn when things go wrong with regards to financial management of any kind.




The credit score has a profound impact on your financial future. 

For example, the higher your credit scores are  the more likely you will be to get approved for loans and mortgages. There is one option that can help improve these numbers: working with Masters Credit Consultants | Credit Repair Virginia Beach Firm! They have years of experience in repairing all kinds of consumer’s credits and they stay updated with every change the three bureaus make to their scoring system which means people always see results from them even after getting denied elsewhere. 

Why not give it a try?