A little over a year ago I was having trouble finding a place that I could move into that would accept my credit. It just wasn’t happening. My brother told me about Joseph and how he helped with his credit so, I decided to give it a shot. My credit at the time was in the 500s/600s along with having collections accounts and not enough credit history. I worked with Joseph for several months and before I knew it I was sitting in an apartment leasing office being told that I was approved for my first apartment! The one thing I felt was holding me back I had finally gotten under control. My score ended up getting to the 700s. They were able to get multiple items removed from my credit report. Masters Credit Consultants is a great team to work with! They do things in a timely manner, they’re nice people, and they teach you things that are important to know about credit. Anyone should book with them, they won’t disappoint!