I’m a single mother of 4 kids and I have been struggling to get back on my own two feet following my divorce. I always relied on the credit strength of my ex-husband, so making the full transition to being my own, financially independent woman has been quite an adjustment. That being said, my credit was bad ya’ll! I had a car note that I was upside down payments on, and because of my poor credit I was stuck paying 17.99% interest on a 10 year old vehicle. I needed to make a change ASAP, so I reached out to Master’s Credit March 2020 and within a month and a half my credit had risen over 60 points with each credit bureaus. It was the bump I needed to finally refinance my car. Now, not only will I be paying my car off 5 months earlier, my interest rate is 3.75% (lowest they could offer on a refi) and my car note payment is almost $100 cheaper. To top it off, I am FINALLY in a credit range to qualify for a home for me and my kids. This is the highest my credit score has ever been in my life and I know it will only go up from here. I owe a HUGE thanks to the Masters Credit Consultant family and I can’t wait to get to the 700+ Club!