Compounding has been rightfully termed the eighth wonder of the world. If the right strategies are adopted and due time is given, your money can multiply exponentially, giving you heaps of returns.

With the entire stock market as your playing field and infinite investment avenues to choose from, it’s become easy to create wealth with idle cash that you have lying around.

This not only helps you reach your goals and purchase your dream car, house, or holiday, but also prepares you for unforeseen expenses that may arise.

We’ve compiled a few investment tips to help you get through the process successfully and profitably.

Know what to invest in

Stock prices rise and fall as they will. When dealing with a highly speculative market, make sure you do your research. Look at historic trends for each investment instrument. Look out for companies which have the highest earning per share, and those that paid out great dividends in the past.

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If you feel like you won’t be able to manage your portfolio efficiently, try a professionally managed mutual fund. This way, the fund manager will invest on your behalf. If a consistent monthly stream of income is your goal, try bonds. If you want capital appreciation gains, go for stocks. Similarly, if you want to financially secure your golden years, invest in an individual retirement account (IRA).

Take calculated risks

The foremost rule of finance states that ‘with greater risk, comes greater returns.’

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However, this refers to quantified and calculated risks. Don’t get carried away and invest in extremely volatile securities if you’re not in the position to bear losses. Analyze your own financial standing first.

Take some risk if you see the markets going up and companies generating good revenues. In times of economic recessions, let risk take a back seat. If the market isn’t doing well, invest in government risks. They have extremely low risk, because the government never defaults.


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The ability to know how much risk you can tolerate depends on how long you’ve been investing in the same market. To secure your portfolio against sudden inflationary pressures, add gold to it. Gold has been historically known as the best hedge against inflation.

Maintain a good credit score

Always remain prepared for the best, and the worst.

When you’re dealing with investments, it’s always better to have disaster recovery plans and backups. Let’s say market conditions weren’t unfavorable, but then went a bit topsy-turvy. As a result, your securities don’t yield returns. If you were solely relying on your investments for a stream of monthly income, you’d end up being strapped for cash and would find it hard to make ends meet.

In times like these, you need to have a good credit profile so you can easily borrow and foot bills. This holds true for both individuals and businesses. A credit score indicates your creditworthiness and how much an investor can trust you.

In order to build a good business score or get yours improved, consult a reliable credit building service like Master Credit Consultants. We help you remove any negative inquiries from your credit profile and work on it to make it attractive for an investor.

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