Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all other days of holiday sales are times when buyers are breaking their bank to purchase loads of discounted items.

In 2018, the market for consumer goods boomed with $6.2 billion worth of revenue after Black Friday. This year the predictions for average spending are soaring even beyond past records with an average buyer expected to pay $400 for sale goods.

The red tag that reads SALE is all you need to trigger an instant response of punching in credit card numbers. However, holiday sales are not only accounted in terms of items bought and items sold.

They have a grave impact on your credit score. This is why it’s important to take note of your credit score and follow some tips for smart spending.

Tips for Smart Spending

It’s nearly impossible to say that you’ll let the Black Friday sale go by without purchasing a thing. The offer seems just too good to pass. It doesn’t hurt to reward yourself with a little treat after budgeting all year long.

Marketers cash on the idea that holidays restrict spending, but buyers will bite the bait if they introduce a flat sale and big discounts. It’s not dangerous to spend in moderation; it’s the excess that’s bad. Here’s what you can do to limit your spending:

  1. Set a budget
  2. Make a to-buy list
  3. Browse through discount deals before settling on one
  4. Double-check your transactions
  5. Pay off your credit dues ASAP

Set a Budget

It’s hard to control yourself when everything appears to be so cheap and it looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s advised that you set a budget before the sale starts.

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It’s true that you might need some essentials but you don’t want to go into debt for spending over the top. Don’t form a hazy estimate of what your budget looks like. Write it down and commit to it.


Make a list

There might be some things that you absolutely can’t survive without and some that you’re just buying to treat yourself. While making a list, leave an asterisk next to the things that are really important.

When you start buying, purchase these items first and then, if your budget allows, should you proceed to buying luxury items.

Compare Discount Deals and Check Orders

Before placing an order, recheck the list of items in your cart. In a frenzy to get your hands on an item that’s low in stock, you might order two or more of the same thing.

And make sure to check all discount deals to avail the best one. Make sure you’re not wasting money needlessly. Every dollar spent in vain will count towards your dues that you’ll have to pay off to maintain a good credit score.

Pay Dues On Time

There’s no better way to put it: don’t spend so much that you won’t be able to pay off before the due date. And once your bill is here, clear your dues at your earliest. You’ll need a good credit score later on.

If you need more information about credit scores or need to consult a credit analysis specialist in Columbia, come to us.