The credit score plays a significant role in your life. From financing your home to renting a place, most financial decisions that you make might get affected by your credit score—especially related to financing and loan.

Do you know what your credit score says about you? Well, you should! It will help you understand where you stand and give you a perspective. The credit score scale runs between 300 and 850.

Here’s how each credit rating slab reflects on your financial profile:

Super Prime

A score above 817 is considered a super-prime! It’s like getting an A+ in your exams. It reflects very positively on your side and show that you are a very financially responsible person who pays their dues on time.

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As a result, you’ll have no trouble getting approvals on mortgage, car financing, or personal loan and will also receive the best possible interest rates. Moreover, you will also find it easier to rent an apartment.

Prime Plus

A score above 726 means that you’re one of those students who get A’s and high B’s all the time. It also reflects quite positively on your credit ratings and you are likely to face no issues getting easy financing or securing credit cards.

It also shows that you’re not behind the payments on your cards. If you continue to keep up with your payments and work towards further improving your credit score, you can easily increase your score and join the super-prime club.


A credit scores above 635 isn’t bad but has a lot of room for improvement. It shows that you are either new to credit building on made some mistakes down the line. Though you still may be able to qualify for most loans but you would have to pay a slightly higher rate of interest.

To improve your score, you need to be current on your credit score and ensure that your credit utilization is low. Moreover, if you have any balance pending on your cards, try to reduce it as much as possible, or better convert it into a personal loan.


If your score is anywhere around the mid-500s to 635, chances are that you’re delinquent on some bills and going through financial difficulties. Hence, you’ll appear as a risky profile to most lenders and find it difficult to secure loans.

At this stage, fixing your credit score can take a while, even years. Though you may try to make efforts to fix your credit ratings, it’s better at this stage to seek professional credit repair services to at least get to the prime stage.

You may qualify for new credit, but it will likely come attached to a higher-than-average interest rate.

High Risk

Anything below the mid 500 is a big red flag for lenders. It shows that you’re a high-risk profile, which means you might not be able to secure loans and experience great difficulties in renting an apartment.

It will take several years to get your credit ratings to improve, that too if you work diligently with an experienced credit repair company.

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