As per a recent report by CNBC, homeownership among millennials is declining. This is because houses are becoming pricier. The homeownership rate peaked at 70% by the end of 2005, and fell to 63% as 2016 arrived.

Common reasons that keep individuals from buying a new house include mounting student debt, rising living costs, and of course, bad credit. This is because traditional mortgages require homeowners to have a decent credit score to qualify for a loan.

If you don’t have a good enough score, you might be asked to pay a higher mortgage rate. Let’s see how the issue can be solved:

Start saving!

The down payment matters just as much as the rest of the installments that will be due. It shows the seller that you’re serious about the purchase and have the means to fund it.

You should start saving for the down payment now, even if you plan on buying the house a couple of months later. A larger down payment also means that you’re more invested in the process and establishes your credibility.

The biggest benefit is that when you’ve got fewer installments to pay, your mortgage rate will go down. This will make it easy for you to pay the loan off, even if you’ve got a less-than-impressive credit score.


Review your budget

If you’re already having trouble finding the right source for financing, you need to plan your housing expenses ahead of time. Getting a loan isn’t your only priority. You will also have to buy the house, furnish it, move in, and then repay the loan.

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There will be costs pertaining to taxes, insurance, home maintenance, and whatnot. Get in touch with a housing counselor to see what you can and can’t afford. They’ll help you plan out all the housing expenses in a way that you can pay the installments easily.

Get help from a credit repair service

Credit repair is the most effective and quickest way to deal with bad credit issues. A credit repair agency helps you erase negative inquiries from your credit reports.

They do so collecting the reports separately from all three credit agencies and then meticulously scrutinizing them for errors. The credit repair service then challenges the agency on your behalf and gets the entries rectified.

In addition, they also provide the right credit counseling that helps you maintain a good credit score steadily in the future.

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