When you start planning your wedding, you realize how overwhelming it can be. It is after all, your big day and a huge milestone for you. You want to make sure you cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s.

Making your dream wedding come true can be a financially stressful affair. According to statistics, every year, up to $72 billion are spent on weddings. Moreover, the average budget for each wedding is $20,000.

Given the fact that a wedding day is a new beginning with the person you vow to spend the rest of your life with, it’s important to start it off on stable grounds. You don’t want to carry the burden of debt onto a new chapter in your life; marriage is hard enough already.

There are many ways you can have your dream wedding and stay debt-free. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you start planning your big day!

Have a realistic budget

You need to set a budget with your partner after you discuss your financial situation together. Be open about your finances and what your financial goals need to be together.

It’s also important to be on the same page about what each of your dream wedding looks like. What are your expectations from the day and what are you willing to compromise on?

Don’t follow trends

Your wedding day should be about your interests and the things you love. You don’t have to make it about following trends or spending too much of your budget on expenses which don’t bring you happiness.

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Let friends and family pitch in

For your wedding, make it intimate and wholesome by including your friends and family in the planning. You can also ask them to provide their services as gifts to you. A friend can bake your wedding cake, another can take photographs for you. You can also ask to host your wedding reception at someone’s more spacious location.

Choose an off season date

The peak season to get married is between all the months from April to August. This is when prices, and reservations are higher than usual. If you get married in months other than this, you’re more likely to get better discounts and deals.

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