Misusing your credit card is the number one way you can find yourself as a part of the 86% people who regret using their credit card. Debt collected by using a credit card has reached $834 billion in 2019, according to Experian.

We’ve all been there, mindlessly whipping out our credit card to pay for any and all expenses. It’s quick and convenient and almost a minimal way of living because you don’t have the burden of carrying cash. But it can land you in many sticky situations.

However, you can curb the issue and simply avoid some expenses on your credit card to steer clear from debt troubles in 2020. Here is a list of expenses you should think twice about, before reaching for that credit card.

Federal Taxes

Getting an unexpected bill in the mail is not a pleasant feeling. It can incite a different kind of dread and the only way to escape might seem like putting it on your card.

Before you do that, you should know that the Internal Revenue Service can charge really high fees to process merchant financing. Whereas, a government payment plan will be significantly lower.

Higher education tuition fee

When applying to colleges in the near future, finding the right financing option can be very stressful and frustrating. If you were unable to secure a sufficient scholarship, consider student loans because the interest rates on them will be lower than a credit card.

Your choice of college may also charge higher processing fees for payments made via a card. Not being able to pay your installments on time will also impact your credit score significantly.


Third party lenders will be more than happy to let you pay for your mortgage with a credit card.  However, with a surmountable amount like a mortgage payment, you’re more likely to stack up your debt.

You also end up paying an extra amount because there are fees involved to process card payments. If you used a good credit score to secure a lower interest rate, you could very well be losing out on that advantage by paying more each year.

Medical expenses

You always have the option to negotiate a lower medical bill or reach out to medical providers. They offer payment plans which are either interest free or offer lower rates. This way it’s more manageable for you in the long run as opposed to paying off your high interest rates on the credit card.

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