What is a payday loan?

Payday loans are short-term loans, designed to aid people to cope with small, unplanned expenses. They range from 50-1,000$. Payday loans can be easy and simple to get, but their interest rates can be higher than other credit. It is not uncommon for them to have an APR of 1,500 percent. You pay off a payday loan the next time when you will get the salary, however, a few lenders can let more flexibility. The payment is frequently taken out by direct debit, so it is essential to have sufficient funds in place charges for missed payments may build up rapidly.

Do payday loans affect your credit score?

Payday loans may affect your credit score under specific conditions. Your credit rating is complicated. It isn’t as easy as bad and good. It’s based on personal history as well as financial experiences. You may have a poor credit rating because you have not been in debt. This’s frequently the case with young applicants who have not had a loan or credit card and literally can’t prove their credit-worthiness. On the other hand, your credit rating can improve if you’re making at least payments, instead of paying off everything that you owe.

This’s because you’re a beautiful prospect to lenders, constantly paying interest on money that you have borrowed whilst meeting financial commitments. The fact that you applied for a payday loan won’t essentially affect your credit, but there are many ways a payday loan may harm your credit. How you handle the payday loan and whether or not you stay on track with payments as well as fees will determine whether or not a payday loan affects your credit.  Not meeting your repayment commitment can mean that your loan is referred to a collection agency. It can result in a drop in credit score.

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Bounced Checks

A payday loan needs that you offer a check for the total amount of the payday loan plus more fees. The check is held unless your payday loan is due. At that time, the check may be cashed by the lender. If there are no funds in the bank account to cover the total amount of the check, you will finish with a bounced check. Bounced checks do not directly affect your credit. However, if you bounce a check and don’t repay it, the bank may have an account sent to collections. The collection agency may then report this to the credit bureaus, which will negatively impact your credit score.

When Unpaid Loans Go to Collections

There is one other common way a payday loan may negatively affect your credit. If you do not pay the loan back in a timely manner, the lender may select to send the debt to collections. At this point, the collection agency may report this unpaid debt to the national credit bureaus, thereby negatively impacting credit score. If this debt ends up on your credit report, it may hurt your credit score for up to 7 years, if you pay the collections amount and the judgment against you. In the event that the post-dated check you offered to the payday lender doesn’t obvious the bank and you default on the loan; this frequently results in the debt being sold to a collection agency and being reported to every of the 3 credit bureaus.


There’s the possibility that a payday lender and a collection agency can sue you for collecting unpaid loans and fees. If you were not to look in court or were losing the case or not pay the judgment, this may show up on your credit report and affect your credit score for up to seven years. Although taking out a payday loan will not essentially affect your credit negatively, the repercussions of payday loan debt may. With 80 percent of payday loans that are being renewed or rolled over, it is clear that the payday loan debt trap is actual. For many people, it can lead to unmanageable monthly payments as well as taking out payday loans after payday loans to cover the interest and fees from loans. This cycle, unfortunately, leads people into financial conditions where they are not capable of pay off their debt, and, this results in negative repercussions on credit.

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If you have not taken a payday loan still, the great course of action is staying away. It is true that taking a payday loan will not affect your credit score directly. That is because payday loan companies do not carry out a credit check before giving you the money. But if you cannot repay the payday lender, it is probably that your credit will take a hit.

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