Maintaining a good credit score is extremely important. It determines whether you can qualify for loans, what interest rates you’ll pay, among many other outcomes. Unfortunately, many people are unable to maintain a good credit score and as a result, face difficulties in securing finance.

But the good news is that your credit score can be repaired, with hiring a credit repair company being the best way to do so fast. The only problem is that not every credit repair company can be trusted, as there are many scammers who prey on people who are looking to get their credit ratings to go up.

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Here are three simple ways to verify a credit repair company:

They’ll Help You Understand Your Legal Rights

As per the Credit Repair Organizations Act, credit repair companies are required to present a written statement titled the”Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law” before producing a contract. This helps their clients learn about their right to repair credit ratings without the assistance of a credit repair service provider.

Companies that don’t follow this rule can be shut down, and you certainly wouldn’t want to risk your credit ratings by hiring them.

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No Advance Fee

Legitimate credit repair companies never ask for an advance fee and only charge for their services after they’ve been performed. There’s a specific rule in the Credit Repair Organizations Act that prohibits credit repair service providers from charging an advance fee from clients.

If you ever come across a company that promises to provide credit repair services after you pay them in advance, it’s a clear red flag and you should refrain from engaging with them to avoid getting scammed.

No Promises To Delete Accurate Items

If a credit repair service provider promises to delete accurate information from your credit report, it’s a big red flag! Honest credit repair companies only dispute items that are inaccurate, unclear, ambiguous, misleading—in essence, items that do not reflect the true picture of your credit history.

Any credit repair company that suggest shady tactics like claiming false identity theft to remove genuine items from your report should be avoided.

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