MasterCard and Visa are the two leading credit card companies, operating all around the globe. According to statistics, Visa has a visible lead, with 335 million issued cards (a 52.8% market share), whereas MasterCard has 200 million issued cards in circulation (a 31.6% market share); the remaining market share of 15.6% is shared by American Express and Discover.

Considering their dominance, let’s compare and contrast MasterCard and Visa credit cards and see if one’s better than the other.

What’s the difference between Visa and MasterCard?

Truth be told, it’s very difficult to find a discernible difference between these providers. Both networks are globally accepted at more than 40 million merchants, and it’s extremely rare to find a merchant that only accepts one but not the other.

It’s important to remember that MasterCard and Visa are not credit card providers. Instead, they are transaction processing platforms that are simply used to facilitate the transactions carried out on credit cards. These transactions are dealt with by banks and lenders.

The gist is that they MasterCard and Visa are networks for processing transaction communications; hence the annual fees, interest rates, rewards, and all the other benefits and charges are levied by the credit card issuers, i.e. banks or lenders.

Hence, when you pay your bills, the money goes to the bank or lender that issued your credit card, and not to MasterCard or Visa. Similarly, the benefits that you enjoy are also offered by banks and lenders, so it doesn’t make a difference if you’re using MasterCard or Visa.

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Which one is better?

When it comes to answering the question: “MasterCard or Visa: Which is better?” there’s no appropriate answer, because both are incredibly similar. Though choosing one card over another may provide a trivial feature or two, depending on the card issuer, but that’s it!

Hence, when choosing between credit cards, it’s important to learn about the service providers instead (your bank, for instance), and what features and terms they offer, including interest rates, signup bonuses, annual charges, rewards, priority customer support, etc.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand that the cards you qualify for will heavily depend on your credit rating. People who have poor credit scores or those working to rebuild their credit scores can also take advantage of the benefits and perks offered by credit card issuers to a certain extent, but the top credit card benefits and rewards are typically only available to people with stellar credit scores.

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