Credit bureaus often ignore your dispute and waste both time and money on the process.

3 Ways the Bureaus Try to Stalemate Your Credit Repair Process

The credit bureaus are trying their best so that you will be discouraged from repairing your report. They have developed specific ways in which they can stall or confuse consumers and discourage them even further when it comes down for filing a dispute on items found inaccurate by these three major agencies: Equifax, Experian & TransUnion . They know “the little guy” will get overwhelmed at trying to repair their credit alone. Unless you’re a reputable credit repair company such as Masters Credit Consultants, you barely stand a chance at the bureaus alone. That’s why we gave you some tips here!

STEP 1 – Send a “Round 1 letter”

You have the right to dispute any inaccuracies on your credit reports, but you need a plan. Your first move should always be sending out a basic dispute letter using what’s called “Round 1 Letter.” You can get help with this at https://www.masterscreditcom.

This letter is you simply stating what’s wrong with your credit report and what you want them to do about it! Simple as that!

In that round-robin form of communication between bureaus and creditors or debtors (depending how broad they want it), there are instructions for both sides–the ones being disputed as well as those contesting its accuracy in order to prove their case before arbitration panels who will make decisions based off evidence presented during hearings held by law firms hired solely for litigation purposes! The process usually takes about 30 days from start date until ruling comes down.

The credit bureaus are required to respond within 30 days of receiving your Round 1 Letter, but it’s possible that one or more will fail. You can expect some pushback and possibly a stall letter in response from one of the furnishers who originally reported information on file with them–so stay organized!

STEP 2 – It’s likely that the response you got will be one of 3 things:

A) The information has been removed

B ) They are up to their usual tricks and use a stall tactic in order not to deal with this issue further, for instance sending some form letter saying “We’re sorry but we cannot help.” Last resort option is just doing nothing at all – which means every time someone crosses state lines they’ll need another SSN/DLP without fail!

C) Nothing happened

When you have already sent a Round 1 letter, and depending on the results that came back from them – either send out another No response or reinvestigate. When receiving new findings in your investigation just inspect them like always to see if they contain anything interesting.
If all of their deletions are positive then great!

STEP 3 – Persistence is KEY

But, if that’s not the case and your credit is still being ignored or responded improperly by these bureau then it’s time to be more persistent. Really bug them again and again. I’m talking about sending out warning letters. These are slightly more aggressive because they make it very clear that you’re serious about getting things fixed up with these bureaus!

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