Did you just get a free credit analysis and now you don’t know which negative items to dispute first? If you’re taking the route to credit repair alone, it can be overwhelming seeing a list of mistakes or negative items from your past. Deciding which ones affect your credit the most and where to being can be stressful.

The most important thing to remember when disputing credit scores is that you should start with the EASIEST items first. With so many small items, there’s no reason not do this! The two best methods for removing negative information from your file are through verification and factual dispute–you’ll want both of these tools available in order make sure all necessary steps have been taken into consideration before moving onto more difficult disputes such as medical debts or other charged off accounts which might require expert credit repair services if handled improperly.

Verification is the process of establishing whether something’s true, accurate or valid.

Factual Disputing is when you are challenging an item based on the fact that something about it is inaccurate, outdated or incomplete.

When you’re sending off your first dispute letters, I always recommend that the easiest item be verification. What this means is creating a “Round 1 letter” where only two things are needed:

1. The reason why it looks questionable

2. instructions as to what proof will need in order for us (the bureau)to make sure everything’s accurate or take them right off of our database. Don’t be surprised by how many results come forward after just one such request!

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Take your time if you’re doing this by yourself. Send only a few items at a time because you’ll mot likely get overwhelmed. It can also be hard to keep organized.

Next, if you are aware of any factual errors or inaccuracies in the information submitted then go ahead and start Factually Disputing.

For example: If there is a written agreement that says an account will be deleted after payment has been made- include this as proof with your dispute submission; maybe someone else did not pay their bill over 7 years ago but claims they paid it recently so we can’t take them seriously anymore because those payments were too old!

The idea of factual disputing is to try and pinpoint errors or inaccuracies, if possible. This can be a much more productive approach than sending out blanket disputes that are not specific enough for your needs at hand.

Masters Credit Consultants are available to help you make disputes on your behalf!

We understand you may become easily overwhelmed doing credit repair yourself! We became credit repair experts so you don’t have to be one!

Do yourself a favor and receive a FREE Credit Analysis and uncover what’s hiding in your credit report. We will also go over the steps to remove the negative items as well as offer our credit repair packages so you can move forward in life without the stress.